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We Help Retail And E-Commerce Brands PROFIT On Amazon.

Amazon 38% Increase to $2.65 Million In Sales With Management, Product Launches, and Product Optimization Strategies.

We utilize surveys, testing, AI and the most up to date tools to assure you get the most PROFIT from your product brand on Amazon.

Your Product Brand Amazon Growth Partners:

Unlike most so called "Experts" that have never sold on Amazon, we have a proven track record of launching and scaling brands to multiple millions in sales.

More Results From Our Clients…

Our Clients See Consistent Increases Due To Our Unique Selling System Of Keyword + Design Optimization And High Level Brand Management.

Product Brand Owners:

We Know The Pain You Feel Trying To Profit On Amazon.

Massive Confusion

Endless Amazon requirements leave you confused and depressed not knowing what to do next.

Insane Expenses

The Amazon fees and expenses seem prohibitive to allow you to sell and make any money.

Unrelenting Competition

The sheer volume of competitors makes you think it is an inevitable race to the bottom in your category.

It doesn't have to be this way. You need real expert guidance to succeed. If you want $100,000 more monthly profit for you brand…

Your Product Brand Amazon Growth Partners:

Your Amazon Pro gives you peace of mind that your account is being handled personally and directly by an expert who cares and who has real experience for you at every step of the process.



We deep dive into your competition, product category, and niche to see exactly where the opportunities and weaknesses are. Using powerful software tools with market knowledge we find the angles and gaps in the market to exploit for your particular product.



We create a strategy based on the goals of the brand, current competitive landscape, and product lifecycle, to ensure profit from your account. We develop a realistic attainable strategic execution plan with target budgets, KPI goals, and exact targets to reach based around your business goals.


Implement and Refine

Our full scale team puts all the pieces together, develops everything and implements the final product into the account. We then monitor and refine as the product hits the market and we get real time information from the consumer. We ten create a secondary objective for market domination.

Case Study: Myco Supreme Launch.

In the first year of launching this product on Amazon we were able to gain the top position in the category ranking on every single one of the main keywords and bringing in $800K in the last 12 months. This was done through our targeted keyword and design optimization and aggressive PPC tactics that allowed for us to become in the top three of the category in a competitive niche.

Step By Step Proven System:

Organic Placement + SERP Optimization

We assure your product is place in the right category and seek out and optimize for proper SEO to increase organic rank on target keywords.

Targeted Sponsored Ads

We utilize our single keyword granular sponsored ads strategy to rank and increase overall sales and profit on the account.

Conversion Optimisation

We research and design you the highest converting listing humanly possible with our 8 step design system.

Test And Refine

We test, survey, and refine our ideas, designs, and strategy to assure it is the most effective possible.

Test And Refine

We test, survey, and refine our ideas, designs, and strategy to assure it is the most effective possible.

How We Get Organic Ranking

We utilize a combination of strategies for ranking products on Amazon for maximum profit. By deep understanding of the category, target keywords, organic and sponsored competition, high-converting design optimization, seo copywriting, surveys, and testing we get products profitable very quickly. This system has proven effective over multiple categories and product brands.

Establish Organic Rank CRO Design

We establish organic rank on Amazon with high converting design and optimized listing for targeted keywords and optimum conversion rates.

Targeted Keyword Sponsored Ads

We research, identify and establish targeted keyword lists to utilize single keyword campaigns for ranking on our best keywords to maximize profit.

Listing Category Management

By assuring your products and listings are set up in the correct category with the proper leaf and browse nodes we establish the proper foundation for ranking and success on Amazon.

Our General Targets For Product Brands On Amazon

Overall Ad Spend

PPC/Organic Ratio

Take Home Profit

3.16X Return On Sponsored Ad Spend For Our Client On Lifetime Sales

Why Your Amazon Pro Is BETTER…

Proven Expert Sellers

Your Amazon Pro is run and founded by real, expert, proven million dollar sellers.  We bring real, life experience of successfully selling on Amazon to your account

American Based

Our team is 100% American Based. We do not outsource your work to overseas cheap labor like most agencies. You will always have the highest level focus on your account.

Handful Of Brands

We never work with more than a small handful of brands ensuring that your account gets the support it deserves and giving you the assurance you need for success.

American Based Team

The sad truth is that most agencies outsource their work to 3rd world countries and present you vanity numbers making you think your account is doing well but you are not making any profit.  

Also, freelancers are unreliable and do not produce consistent work. Your Amazon Pro only works with a small handful of brands, uses American based experts and cuts away all the fluff so you are successful on Amazon.

Who we can help.

Retail Brand Owners

We help you get your product on Amazon and create a new sales and cash flow channel.

Ecommerce Sellers

We take your DTC brand and get it the success it deserves on Amazon. Let Amazon work for you. Don't miss the boat.

Amazon Sellers

We help Amazon sellers do the work they cannot get to. Our team of proven Amazon million dollar sellers can find the areas to maximize growth and profit in any account.

Meet Your Amazon Pro,
Shaun Smith.

Shaun, the owner and creator of, is a million dollar Amazon seller and Amazon brand expert.

With over 10 years of proven success in building multi-million dollar brands on Amazon, you cmaximize that you'll get the best outcome for your listings. Shaun is an expert in internet marketing, copywriting, Amazon FBA brand building, Amazon PPC, product launches, and high-converting design.

Shaun personally works on every listing with his specialized team to ensure the best results.
Throughout the journey, Shaun will be by your side, leveraging his track record of success to maximize your chances of achieving greatness.

Set-Up Your FREE Product Brand Assessment With Founder
Shaun Smith

On this call Shaun will personally evaluate your brand's potential on Amazon without pulling any punches. Shaun will assess your strength's and weaknesses and share a plan to pump more profit for your product brand on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds expensive. What is the cost?

We make this very affordable for brands to achieve success. We understand the high cost of selling on Amazon and personalised specifically towards your brand and it's needs. On your brand assessment call Shaun will give you a personalised quote that will allow for you to make profit and pay for our services through the increase in profit and sales we will create for you.

My business is very complex, will you understand it?

We are experts in looking at and examining business and have worked with all types of business structures. We will look at your business and assure our ability to be successful before we move forward.

Is this confidential, do you work with my competitors?

We do not work with competing brands or categories. Rest assured that we will have a NDA and that we only work with a small number of non-competing brands.

Are you able to integrate with my current team?

Yes, we can seamlessly work in with your or your existing team. In addition we can completely replace your team for your brand growth and sales management on Amazon.

What size brands do you work with?

Normally we work with product brands selling at least $25,000 per month although we do make exceptions from time to time.

What if my brand is not on Amazon yet, and I only sell on my website?

We have successful launched brands on Amazon without any presence form zero to multiple 7 figures in sales. If you are not on Amazon yet and want to set up a powerful cash flow machine for your brand, we are capable and equipped to do so for you.